The Government of Sofala takes over the purchase and export process for cotton produced in the province. The decision results from the bankruptcy of the company, CHINA-AFRICA COTTON MOZAMBIQUE, which promotes this cash crop, due to the crisis caused by covid-19. To guarantee the promotion of this cash crop, the National Institute of Cotton and Oilseeds will make available more than forty tons of cotton seed for an area of ​​sixteen hundred hectares. The delegate of the National Institute of Cotton and Oilseeds, in Sofala, Manuel Chahale, said that due to the weak purchasing power of the Chinese company, more than 600 tons of cotton produced last year, remain in the hands of producers. Manuel Chahale explained that to prevent peasants from abandoning cotton production, the government has projects in its portfolio that will be implemented from the next agricultural season. (RM)Source:Radio Moçambique Online

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