SOCIEDADE do Notícias, owner of the newspapers Notícias, Domingo and Desafio, has had two new administrators since today. This is João Zibane who oversees the financial administration area and Ivan Cossa for Production. They took office today during the company’s General Assembly that approved the Activity Plan and Budget for the 2024 Financial Year. Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, the President of the Institute of Management of Companies Participated by the State (IGEPE), Ana Coanai, recommended to the new administrators to embrace the cause of Notícias, which is fundamentally limited to the production of newspapers. Coanai challenged the administrators to fulfill the activity plan, ensuring that Notícias increasingly consolidates its position as leader in the production and marketing of its products. On the same occasion, he sent a message of greeting to the President of the Board of Directors of Notícias, Júlio Manjate, who, for such a long time, worked without these collaborators, even so, making the company an unavoidable market when it comes to the production and sale of newspapers.At the time of appointment, Zibane held the position of financial director at the company, while Cossa held the position of director of the Notícias Graphics Unit.Source:Jornal Notícias

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