The order to remove construction material production sites and other projects in inappropriate locations in the Municipality of Matola was ignored. The shipyard owners ignored the ultimatum from the municipal executive, who backed down and gave another week for the owners of the targeted facilities to leave the sites. Now, the threat of the city council is to resort to force to enforce the order after the new deadline has expired. Last Friday, the Municipality of Matola gave the ultimatum, after 20 days for voluntary removal from the shipyards, and what if expected, for this Monday, was to find the spaces already free, but that did not happen and the shipyards remain in place. Dinis Buque, who spoke to the newspaper “O País” last Friday, said he did not know about the decision, but when the municipal team arrived at their shipyard, they showed the license which is for the sale of flowers and vases and not construction material, as is currently happening and was therefore notified. Buque explained to the Municipality technicians that the sale of other materials is related to the dynamics of the business in the market and, at the time, they explained that, when this happens, they must approach the city council to announce the said changes, but even so, it did not escape the notification and there are seven days to leave the beds but from Estrada Nacional Number 2. At another shipyard, nothing has changed, even after the ultimatum given by the municipality and the notification was also given and the worker says he awaits orders from the boss who, at the time, was absent. Matola municipality gives the owners of these shipyards another week to, once again, withdraw voluntarily. “What we found here, on the ground, is that people defied and did not consider what the municipality issued as a decision to remove the shipyards from inappropriate places. The Municipal Council will give another week to voluntarily remove the shipyards from the edges of the roads”, announced Edy Mureheira, Director of Construction and Urbanization in the Municipality of Matola. In light of these facts, the Municipality of Matola says that, after the seven days, it will use force to remove those shipyards.Source:O País

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