This coach’s trip to his home country comes at a time when the national migration authorities are tightening the siege on foreign coaches in the country, but the current leader of the Moçambola-2022, with 22 points plus seven ahead of its pursuers, clarifies that the situation is not related to the coach’s irregularity. the coach of his professional football team, Srdan Zivojnov, 50 years old and of Serbian nationality, is facing health problems that, unfortunately, have registered a negative evolution in recent days, and he is receiving palliative treatment through the administration of drugs to temporarily alleviate the symptoms associated with the disease”. “The technician suffers from a recently diagnosed pathology, which, due to the recent negative evolution, implies to carry out an urgent surgery in his country of origin”.”Therefore, the technician Srdan Zivojnov continued his trip this Wednesday, August 17, to Serbia, in order to be able to perform the aforementioned surgery and be close to the comfort family, and should return to the country in 20 days.” In another development, the community felt the need to emphasize that ” Considering the current context and to avoid any dubious understanding, the club’s management feels obliged to clarify that, this This situation has nothing to do with any illegality in his permanence in the national territory as a foreign worker, given that his working condition is regularized in accordance with the legal requirements in force in the country”.

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