Another 11 terrorists were shot down by SADC (Southern African Development Community in Mozambique) troops in the forests of Cabo Delgado province, according to a press release issued by the Military Mission region in Mozambique (SAMIM), last Tuesday. According to SAMIM, nine terrorists were killed in an exchange of fire, which took place on November 18 (Thursday) in Macomia district, and the rest were shot down in Nangade district. The source guarantees that, among those shot, there were two military leaders, namely, Rajabo Fiquir and Abu Quitali. Nangade and Macomia remain the main bastions of terrorists in this new phase of combat, since the arrival of foreign troops. Despite relative success, SADC troops continue to face difficulties in containing terrorist attacks in these two districts, with panic and mourning still sown by insurgents. However, last Tuesday, the Defense and Security Forces (FDS) detained an alleged informer of the terrorists, in the main village of the district of Macomia. According to what “Letter” found, the individual was in that place doing recon, posing as a merchant, having been discovered by the population who tried to denounce him to the authorities. In early October, the SADC Standby Force announced that it had shot down 19 terrorists, including their religious leader, in Chitama, Nangade district, on the border with Tanzania. It is believed that, since the start of operations, close to 50 terrorists have been shot down by SADC troops who have also recorded casualties. (Letter) Source: Mozambican Letter

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