In a statement released Tuesday cited by “Jornal Notícias” SAMIM reports that nine were killed in an exchange of fire on November 18 in Macomia, and two others were shot down in Ninga, Nangade district. Among the dead, according to the statement, were two operational commanders of the terrorist group, Rajabo Fiquir and Abu Quitali. In Nangade district on the border with Tanzania, ‘one base was captured and later destroyed’ .However, there were no casualties among SAMIM troops. “SAMIM forces continue to dominate and pursue the insurgents in the operational area, and have been displaced from their main bases south of the Messalo River,” the note added. that their actions “continue to create the necessary conditions for a return to normal life in Cabo Delgado province.” against the insurgents who installed terror in Cabo Delgado since October 2017, causing the death of about three thousand people, the displacement of more than 850,000 people and the destruction of infrastructure. The fight is carried out by the so-called “forces “Joints”, which make up the Mozambican Defense and Security Forces, the contingent of nearly two thousand men from Rwanda and many others from SAMIM. (AIM)

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