Renamo secretary general André Magibire says the party is open to receiving dissidents who were led by Mariano Nhongo in the Junta Militar. André Magibire states that the chances of retaliation for Nhongo’s death are remote and assures that the party will participate in the funeral of its former militant. granted it to the Programa Noite Informativa, on STV, this Tuesday. On the possibility of retaliation for the death of Mariano Nhongo, André Magibire considers that “it is a possibility, albeit remote, what we want is for everyone to come back because we don’t want to talk of danger, nor of retaliation, of revenge, because if there is revenge we will have similar situations (…) that they return home, that everyone is demobilized, we will follow this path of peace and national reconciliation.” Magibire does not speak of reconciliation between the party led by Ossufo Momade and members of the Junta Militar, but ensures the opening of the party for those who want to return. , even with Mariano Nhongo in life, and we continue to say come back. Now, it’s up to them to realize that they have to go back. We have our representations, our political delegations, just go and introduce yourself and the leadership will be communicated and they will be welcomed and referred to the DDR process. As a party, we are open to receiving anyone so that we can work together,” he said. Renamo assures that the party will be represented at the funeral of the former military strategist of Afonso Dhlakama. at least 60 members of the Junta Militar who have already joined the DDR.Source:O País

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