Renamo objects to the holding of a meeting between the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Verónica Macamo, and diplomats accredited in Mozambique, where information about the municipal elections on October 11th will be given. The party understands that there may be a conflict of interests. However, the Ministry does not confirm the meeting will take place. Renamo called the press to comment on a supposed meeting scheduled for this Wednesday between the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Verónica Macamo and the diplomatic missions of several countries.According to “partridge”, this is an inopportune and unethical meeting, looking at the planned agenda which is the sharing of information about the sixth local elections held on October 11th.”This meeting could represent a genuine conflict of interests, having takes into account that the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation is a member of the Political Commission and national representative of the Frelimo party, which manipulated the local elections, recently stating loudly that the party worked hard to win them. Therefore, it becomes It is pertinent to question in what capacity she invites the heads of diplomatic missions and representatives of international organizations, knowing that Frelimo of which she is part is a competitor that does everything to manipulate electoral truth and public opinion”, said Manuel Massungue, head of National Department of Foreign Relations. As it assumes the portfolios of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, and is also a representative and member of the Frelimo party, Renamo understands that Macamo may not give a real diagnosis on the municipal elections on October 11th, the results of which are contested by the opposition.”It is our expectation and that of Mozambicans to hear from the minister the real diagnosis of the political climate installed in the country after the mega-fraud carried out by your party and what solutions to re-establish peace and national harmony.”Ossufo Momade’s party said although the meeting is an attempt to intimidate diplomats and international organizations, so that they do not comment on the irregularities that occurred during the electoral process. Therefore, Manuel Massungue appealed to the diplomatic corps and representatives of international organizations “not to join in any attempt to distort the electoral truth expressed by the Mozambican people at the polls, because, as the late president Afonso Dhlakama said, there cannot be a European and other African democracy”. Our reporting team contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation to comment on the matter. The institution neither denies nor confirms the meeting between the minister and the diplomatic missions. Source:O País

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