Singer and businessman got involved in an argument that culminated in attacks and a shooting. A rapper from Florida, USA, is accused of murder after being filmed shooting her manager, in the middle of the street.Kevhani Camilla Hicks, 27 years old, whose stage name is Key Vhani, was caught by video surveillance cameras, in the Winnwood neighborhood, in Miami, on October 9th.According to images seen by NBC Miami had access, the woman and the manager were seen getting out of a car and moments later the two got involved in an argument, which ended with both of them in an exchange of aggression. A third man appears in the images, opposing the rapper , which then falls to the ground. This same man then gets into the car and appears to run over the woman. When the police arrived at the scene, they found the businessman with gunshot wounds. The singer was admitted to hospital with injuries caused by blunt objects, and told police that the shooting was an “act of self-defense” and that she had feared for her life. The rapper was placed in custody, but it is expected that was released after a judge granted her a bail of 50,000 dollars (close to 46 thousand euros) and house arrest in a recent hearing. (RM-NM)Source:Rádio Moçambique Online

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