The city of Quelimane hosts, from today until the next 5th, the pre-launch of the international book fair that will take place in August this year. The event, in honor of Armando Artur, will bring together national and foreign writers, as well as several exhibitors, according to mayor Manuel de Araújo. Right next to the Municipal Council, a giant tent was installed, where the event will take place. Manuel de Araújo made it known that the city intends, with the initiative, more than the fair itself, to instill in Quelimane’s residents a taste for reading. In addition to the exhibition of literary works and other actions, there will be poetry recitations during the event .In all, more than 10 exhibitors are expected, ranging from universities, institutes, national press, singular writers and others who will be part of the exhibition. “We are happy with this initiative that, in some way, will put Quelimane on the map of As you may know, we will have not only face-to-face shop windows, but also virtual ones, and we have prepared everything in the smallest detail so that our residents have the pleasure of being here,” said Manuel de Araújo. culture has no partisan colors, resorting to the words of the Head of State that “good ideas have no partisan color” to support his opinion. He took the opportunity to thank Quelimane for the gesture of paying him this tribute. “I am very grateful. It is with great pleasure that I appreciate this initiative. As you know, culture has no party color and that is precisely why I am here to participate in this initiative. Our culture will win with this event, so I want to do more than thank, praise this event, because, in the end, our children will win, developing a taste for reading,” sustains Armando Artur .In addition to Armando Artur, in Quelimane there is already the renowned poet and plastic artist, Sónia Sipriani, who will be part of the exhibition. “As you know, fairs of this kind only take place in Maputo and the fact that they take place here shows that the city of Quelimane can and the country benefits from it. The citizens will have the unique opportunity to be with renowned writers and the contact with books will improve their knowledge”, praises the initiative Sónia Sipriani.During the three days, spectators who participate in the event will have the opportunity to read several works and follow the entire program scheduled for that event. Source:O País

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