A note from “Rádio Moçambique”, states that the twenty-eight-year-old woman, who, in the company of seven other sellers who carry out economic activities in that market, acted outside the law, in retaliation for the alleged lack of conditions created by the Municipality.According to the PRM spokesman in Tete, as a way of containing that demonstration, the canine and rapid intervention police were mobilized, which culminated in driving to Police sub-unit of these vendors. Feliciano da Câmara, explained that from the screening carried out, it was concluded that the citizen with the corporation was the promoter of the riot on national road number seven, and she will be held responsible for her acts. At the moment, the legal procedures are being followed, and the process has already been forwarded to other instances of administration of justice. returned to normality and the vendors carry out their activities in a calm and orderly manner.

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