“It will hurt a little, but something needs to be done” instead of being “waiting”, said the head of state in statements released by Mozambican television STV, on the sidelines of an official visit to Ghana, writes Noticias ao Minuto.”If we wait, we eat everything today and tomorrow we have nothing to eat. So it is better to eat in an organized way so that we can resist longer “, he said, when illustrating the resource rationalization strategy that he said was the basis of the agreement. “The IMF, when it returns, returns with measures that require financial discipline and some measures will hurt”, he reiterated, referring details to a future opportunity “to be able to communicate to the nation”.”We will have to tighten some measures, not to put the Mozambican people to suffer, but to see if we qualify” the country, he said.According to Nyusi, with the new program, Mozambique must looking for adjustments when investing: “Instead of buying ten sas, buy three” and with the funds “from the other seven, you can build one more school” or “increase the quality of the health service”.The head of state says that the way forward is to promote ” more work, financial discipline, honesty”.”We are already taking some measures, such as fighting corruption”, he stressed.Nyusi said that it is necessary “avoid mistakes that put us out” Alexis Meyer-Cirkel, IMF representative in Mozambique, said on Saturday in an interview with Lusa that he believes in the reforms carried out in the country and which led to the approval of the financing agreement worth US$470 million (445 million euros) to apply until 2025, the first after the discovery of the case of corruption of hidden debts in 2016. Meyer-Cirkel said that the commitments do not provide for a rise in taxes, nor any other type of austerity to fill the state coffers.”There is no a tax increase”, he said, “the idea is to expand the tax base and even lower levels in the margin of some rates”, in order to promote growth after a series of historic shocks: hidden debts, cyclones, covid-19 and armed attacks in the north. end of the month, he concluded.

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