Police stations are still far from stimulating economic development, as well as the reduction of the current cost of living, within the scope of measure 15 of the Economic Acceleration Package (PAE) announced on August 9 by the President of the Republic, Filipe Nyusi. This measure consists of simplifying administrative processes in the relationship between the State, companies and people, to facilitate the creation of private companies and increase their competitiveness, and to facilitate the lives of populations and reduce their cost in accessing public services. . Thus, and as part of the Government’s effort to alleviate the cost of living for the population, the measure determines “the simplification of notarial acts, with police stations now certifying the simplest notarial acts free of charge for citizens”. This measure reduces the population’s travel costs and document certification costs”.   However, three months after the measure became public, only last week, the Government, meeting , approved the proposal for a Legislative Authorization Law to revise the Notary Code, approved by Decree-Law No. 4/2006, of August 23. The proposal for a Legislative Authorization Law aims to allow the Government to legislate on the measure in question . After the legislation, the Executive must send the proposal to the Assembly of the Republic for analysis and approval.   It is not known when the parliament will analyze, as well as approve the proposed Legislative Authorization Law for revision of the Notary Code. No horizon and aware considering that processes of this kind are time-consuming, it appears that the police stations are still far from reducing the cost of living and accelerating the economy.   It should be noted that Measure 15 also provides that the simplification of notary acts is carried out by “lawyers with a professional portfolio, making it more expeditious and reducing costs for companies, and making the private sector more competitive”. At the time of the announcement, the Head of State added that this measure includes an important novelty for the private sector, namely, the elimination of the need for permits in various business sectors and, with that, “companies in these sectors start operating immediately , after its legal and tax registration, subject to subsequent inspection, not needing to obtain a permit from any public entity to start activities”. The measure also aims to improve the performance of inspections of economic activities, with the introduction of greater predictability in their performance and the adoption of a less punitive and more educational character, with a view to achieving the fundamental objective of inspections, which is the improvement of provision of companies and the protection of citizens’ interests. (Evaristo Chilingue) Source: Carta de Moçambique

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