In the early hours of Tuesday, in the City of Maputo, four individuals were fatally shot by PRM agents. Explaining what happened, Leonel Muchina, PRM spokesperson, said that such a situation occurred when a police patrol vehicle managed to identify a criminals’ car. First, the vehicle of the targeted individuals overtook the police vehicle at high speed, in the area. of Costa do Sol. At that moment, the agents gave a signal to stop, but “This signal was not obeyed and a chase began. The occupants of the police vehicle were forced to fire a shot in the air, in order to call At the time, it was clear that it was a vehicle occupied by criminals.” When the police shot, says Leonel Muchina, the criminals were forced to fight back. “They had with them an AKM-type firearm. They fired at the PRM vehicle. In response, at least four individuals were shot, who lost their lives at the scene.” When searching the car and the individuals, on the ground , the police identified that the men were not only carrying AKMs, but also cutting pliers, as well as a disguise and a mask. “Due to the characteristics of the location, Costa do Sol, we think that it is a group of individuals who carry out robberies at homes, during the early hours of the morning, and take the owners of the homes hostage, threatening them with firearms.” identification document, the police learned the identity of one of the individuals. “We think that, based on this identity, we will have the history and profile of all the members of the gang. We have said that those who use firearms to harm citizens must be treated according to the danger they represent. Firearms are scrupulously used by the FDS, with the exception of those who have the right to possession granted by the State”, recalled Leonel Muchina, this morning, in Maputo. Source:O País

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