The National Criminal Investigation Service of Mozambique (SERNIC) today incinerated a little more than a ton and a half of cannabis, a drug seized a week ago in the city of Beira. district of Dondo. According to Alfeu Sitoe, SERNIC spokesperson in Sofala, during the operation to seize the drug, there were no arrests, but investigations are underway to neutralize the owners of the merchandise. The drug was seized on the 3rd in Dondo, in a truck belonging to a Mozambican carrier, a vehicle allegedly leaving Malawi for Zimbabwe, passing through Mozambique. The drug was destroyed in the waste incinerator of the Central Hospital of Beira (HCB). António Semente, Director of the Office for Combating Drugs in Sofala, considered this amount of incinerated drug the largest ever seized in the last 11 years in the province. “This is the first time that this amount of incinerated drugs in the province, since 2011, the year I joined this office,” said António Semente.Mozambique is appointed by several international organizations as a corridor for international drug trafficking. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), authorities in Kenya and Tanzania, countries north of Mozambique, have increased surveillance in recent years, pushing traffickers south towards the Mozambican coast, “in search of new routes and new markets.” The country

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