The objective, said the Palestinian observer at the UN, Riyad Mansour, is for the Security Council to take a decision at a ministerial meeting scheduled for April 18 on the Middle East, a vote on which has not yet been scheduled A 2011 full membership application is still pending, Mansour claimed, as the Security Council has never made a formal decision. At the time, the UN body was unable to gather the support of nine of the Council’s 15 member states. Furthermore, the United States announced that it intended to veto it if a majority of nine was reached, despite proclaiming support for the “two-state solution.” “The intention is to put the request to a vote in the Security Council this month”, added Mansour. Palestine has been considered an “observer state” at the UN since 2012, a status it only shares with the Vatican, although a year had previously requested entry as a full member. On April 18th, the Security Council will meet for an open, high-level debate on the situation in the Middle East, with a focus on the Palestinian issue, which is one of the possible dates for a vote.

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