Option is available for subscribers of the ‘Blue’ version who use the iPhone app. Users of the ‘Blue’ version of Twitter will be able to connect their wallets with NFTs Disclosure/Twitter Twitter announced last Thursday (20) that it will be possible to place NFTs (non-fungible tokens, its acronym in English) as profile pictures. Initially, the novelty is available to subscribers of the “Blue” version of the application who use iPhone – the “premium” option of the social network costs R$ 15.90 per month. READ MORE Apple AirTag: How device is being used to stalk women Amazon will open physical clothing store in the US with algorithms that suggest what to prove To highlight people who put their NFTs, Twitter will display the photo in a hexagonal frame, in instead of the circle frame that appears to other users. By tapping on this hexagon, it will be possible to view more information about the digital works. If the person decides to sell their NFT, the profile picture will remain the same, but the frame will revert to the traditional circle. Understand NFT: NFT: 5 points about the technology that makes a digital file ‘unique’ Globo Tecnologia

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