The information is provided by the deputy national director of Public Health, Benigna Matsinhe, who also details that, of those infected, 187 are Mozambicans and three foreigners; 98 men and 92 women who contracted the virus in the national territory. The official also said that the province of Niassa and Maputo city registered the highest number of infections, with 63 and 36 cases, respectively. Mozambique now has 146,053 positive cases of the pandemic virus. In addition, Benigna Matsinhe revealed that, in the last 24 hours, the country registered 864 more Mozambicans recovered from COVID-19, adding that the total number of individuals free of the disease rose by 132 397.A Saúde reported the occurrence of two deaths in individuals aged between 62 and 72 years, declared on the 29th and 29th of the current month. Thus, the total number of deaths due to Coronavirus rises to 1,853. There is a record of 11 more admissions and 14 hospital discharges. Currently, 128 citizens continue to receive medical care in different hospital units. Source:O País

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