In response to questions from one of Ndambi Guebuza’s Defense lawyers, Teófilo Nhangumele said that the system they wanted to develop would help fight terrorism in Cabo Delgado. “With the monitoring and surveillance system that was designed by me and Cipriano Mutota, I believe it could help fight terrorism in Cabo Delgado in a significant way. I know there are difficulties in telling whether it is insurgency or terrorism. But, at least we were going to be able to make some contribution to combat the phenomenon”, he said. that question.” Still following the interrogation of Alexandre Chivale, Teófilo Nhangumele reiterated that the person who asked the President of the Republic to move the project forward was the then Minister of Defense he doesn’t know who thought Ndambi Guebuza was worthy of receiving money. Teófilo Nhangumele also told Alexandre Chivale that he doesn’t know Inês Moiane and that he never spoke with Armando Emílio Guebuza. professional career, having said that he has a degree in Business Management, has 30 years of experience in the area and has worked in several companies, noting that he was an employee of the British embassy and director of the Mozambique-South Africa Chamber of Commerce. Teófilo Nhangumele assured, also, that it had already elaborated other projects of the same dimension as the Exclusive Economic Zone. Source:O País

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