subsidies “immoral” “It’s illegal. It’s immoral”! This is how the Secretary General of the Mozambican Workers’ Organization (OTM-Central Sindical), Alexandre Munguambe, classifies the new regulation of the National Institute of Social Security (INSS), which establishes the beginning of function subsidies, attributed to new managers of the institution. In a conversation with “Carta”, Munguambe said this was the first time he had heard about subsidies for starting a job at the INSS, since he embraced unionism. In the “Letter” he said that he only knew that the members of the Board of Directors and other staff of the institution with a leadership position are entitled to an assigned vehicle, which the beneficiary can sell, if he so wishes. “I’ve never heard of this [initiation allowances] at the INSS. It’s a new thing that doesn’t exist and should never exist,” said Munguambe, when asked what position workers took in the face of the new subsidy package approved at the institution. In our report, Alexandre Munguambe guaranteed that he was aware of the existence of the INSS start-up subsidy, through the media, as the Administrator who represents the institution’s workers said only that there was an update of the regulation on the allocation and sale of vehicles, however, without clarifying whether or not he will have received the referred subsidy. He also did not reveal the name of the Administrator who will have told this version, as the workers are represented by Gonçalves Zitha and Damião Ezequias Simango. “Our Administrator just told us that the regulation for the allocation and sale of vehicles was approved”, said the source, stressing that the allocation and sale vehicles defined for the members of the Board of Directors and the General Manager are of equal cylinder capacity. or greater than 2,200 Cc and not greater than 3,000 Cc. “This is illegal. It cannot happen. There cannot be this subsidy. It is immoral”, said the Secretary General of OTM-Central Sindical, revealing that he is still concerned about the differentiation of subsidies between the beneficiaries. Remember that the new INSS Board of Directors approved, in 2020, a regulation that sets start-up subsidies, to be attributed to new managers right after taking office. In compliance with this document, last September, more than 20 million Meticais were channeled to the accounts of the new members of the Board of Directors, including the respective General Manager. The INSS CEO, Kabir Ibrahimo, cashed in, for example, six million Meticais, while Joaquim Siúta, Director General of the institution, received four million Meticais. The Minister of Labor and Social Security said this week that she was not aware of the existence of these subsidies either, despite having a representative on the Board of Directors of the INSS (Emídio Vicente Mavila). (A. Maolela) Source: Carta de Moçambique

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