The XII Congress of the ruling party starts this morning, at the Central School of the Frelimo party, in the Municipality of Matola, Maputo province. The event, which ends next Wednesday, will bring together close to 2,000 people, including delegates (1,500) and guests (500). However, despite the assurances given last Wednesday by Roque Silva, Frelimo’s Secretary General, that everything was in place for the start of the great meeting, the fact is that until 17:00 hours this Thursday there were details to get right. One of the details that was not taken care of was the accreditation of the participants, including journalists and security elements, a fact that created chaos during the day yesterday at the Frelimo National Headquarters. This is because, unlike previous Congresses in which the media, for example, send lists of professionals to be accredited, this time Frelimo wanted to do so in presence. In other words, each individual who will be at the Central School of the Frelimo party should go to the National Headquarters of that political formation to register personal data and take passport-type photographs. The act was extended to delegates, guests and even security elements of the Head of State. To make matters worse, the Communications Office of the Frelimo party did not inform in advance the new procedures for accreditation of journalists. As a result, chaos ensued at the National Headquarters of the “batuque e maçaroca” party. Faced with the flood that characterized those facilities, with journalists, guests and security elements vying for the same space, media professionals were referred to the Frelimo Committee of the City of Maputo. However, the measure did not work either. Data collected by “Carta” indicate that, until 18:00 hours, journalists were camped in that place, waiting for their registration. In fact, until the close of this edition, the badges were still not ready, revealing an “organized” disorganization in the preparation of the XII Frelimo Congress. Remember that the XII Congress was convened in May 2021, that is, 16 months in advance. (Letter) Source: Carta de Moçambique

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