Only 0.6 percent of the universe of farmers in the 154 districts of the 11 provinces of Mozambique have access to credit for the development of their agricultural activities . The information is part of the integrated agrarian survey – 2020 presented this Thursday, in Maputo, by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADER), Celso Correia, and which will be available to the public from 15 June. According to Celso Correia, this situation may change with Sustenta, as this program incorporates all the problems that farmers face and transforms the agrarian sector in the country and farmers who seek financing, quality seeds and monitoring of extensionists as a way to boost their activities. In the presentation of the inquiry, Celso Correia said that we were facing a historic milestone in the sector because the instrument would allow real planning and not based on estimates that often end up being speculative. The survey also found that only 9.7 percent of farmers use improved agricultural seeds and that the country does not produce 14 billion tons of cassava as historical data advanced, but rather 6 million tons of the tuber. At the time, Correia revealed that the survey showed that Mozambique produces more sesame than what was declared. In the document presented by the super-minister, Celso Correia, the provinces of Tete and Zambézia stand out the most in various areas of agricultural production. Tete stands out for the production of corn, butter beans, cattle and pigs, small ruminants, tobacco, among other crops. Zambézia comes out ahead with rice production with 31.23 percent, soybeans, beans with 33.81 percent. Nampula stands out in the production of cassava with 41.64 percent, cashew nuts, cotton and peanuts. Sofala with sesame and chickens. Manica with macadamias and Maputo province stands out as the largest producer of sugar cane. According to Celso Correia, the biggest ambition of the sector is to get out of the current 4.8% registered by the end of the 1st quarter, the big challenge will be to reach 8%. Correia said that this instrument will allow the different sectors to plan properly and intervene with real and factual information. (Omardine Omar) Source: Carta de Moçambique

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