The concern was expressed yesterday by the general secretary of OJM, Silva Livone, in his speech, before the opening of the III Ordinary Session of the National Council of the youth branch of the Frelimo party “The cost of living is high, the cost of higher education is also high, so we ask the President to reduce the costs of university studies by five percent”, he said, arguing that young people are responsible for themselves and their their families.After recognizing the importance of free schooling up to 10th grade, Livone asked that the measure be extended up to 12th grade.However, he urged the Frelimo party leadership to understand the changes and challenges that occur in youth, as, in their opinion, only in this way will it be possible to guide young people to follow Frelimo’s ideologies and political line. “In this National Council we intend to debate the stance and discipline of OJM members, so that they can be a better example and reference in Mozambican society”, he stressed .

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