Head of State this Saturday gave three more days so that citizens who should have taken a second dose of the vaccine until the 17th of July can do so. But he warns: if they do not vaccinate, the immunizations they should receive will be given to other people, so that there is no waste. In what we can consider a “third chance”, the President of the Republic, Filipe Nyusi instructed this weekend, Saturday, the Ministry of Health to extend until Tuesday the administration of the second dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 in the country. The second dose of the second phase of the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 was scheduled to end on the 14th July, but the deadline was extended to the 17th a few days ago, due to the fact that the planned targets were lower than desired. But because, once again, the targets were not achieved, the President of the Republic announced in an interview to Rádio Moçambique, who ordered a further extension of the deadlines. “What I instructed the Ministry of Health is to give greater opportunity to those who can go. In the place that ends on the 17th that ends on Tuesday, the 20th of July, to see if we can benefit more people. Let’s consider why the vaccines they are still on schedule”, said Filipe Nyusi. The vaccination deadlines are extended, but the same cannot be done with the validity of the immunization agents, hence the Head of State suggests that in cases of non-adherence of the target groups, vaccines are used for other citizens to avoid losses. “It instructs the Ministry not to leave any vaccine out of date, because in these conditions the vaccines have to be eliminated, while there are Mozambicans who need these vaccines”, explained the Mozambican Head of State, adding that it is necessary “to immediately start to immunize other Mozambicans”. Finally, Filipe Nyusi also highlighted the need to value the Government’s efforts in the acquisition of vaccines against COVID-19. Across the country, the forecast is that they will be immunized in this second dose of the vaccination campaign against the COVID-19 about 250 thousand people. Source:O País

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