The President of the Republic understands that the review of the law on community courts is imperative, so that those institutions can function in accordance with the evolution of society. One of Filipe Nyusi’s suggestions is that there should be clarity in the functioning of the courts. During the working visit to the province of Niassa, this Monday, the President of the Republic inaugurated a judicial court in the district of Nipepe, built from scratch, within the scope from the presidential program a district, a suitable building for the court. In his speech, the President of the Republic highlighted the construction of infrastructures that increasingly bring State services closer to the population. Subsequently, Filipe Nyusi reinforced that it is imperative to review the Community Courts Law, 29 years after its creation and justified by the evolution of society. Still in the province of Niassa, the President of the Republic inaugurated a five-star hotel, built in the Lago district, within sight of Lake Niassa, the largest nationally. This is a national investment. The hotel also includes presidential suites. Source: O País

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