Frelimo presidential candidate, Daniel Chapo, says that national unity is the “secret to defeating” terrorism in the province of Cabo Delgado and recalls that it was this patriotic spirit that freed Mozambicans from colonialism. The appeal was made this morning, in the city of Nampula, during a meeting with Frelimo members and supporters, in which, in addition to calling for national unity, some positive results were achieved in the fight against terrorism .”Our President, Filipe Nyusi, worked hard to restore peace in the Center, where in Sofala and Manica people died almost every day, and we must continue working so that our brothers in Cabo Delgado can stop suffering with terror. For this, we must remain united, as Mozambicans, from Rovuma to Maputo. National unity is our secret that led us to defeat colonialism during the ten years of the National Liberation Struggle.” Chapo also assured that Frelimo and his candidate are the best choice to assume the country’s presidency in the next five years. With a two-day work schedule in Nampula province, Frelimo’s presidential candidate will hold meetings with members of his party at all levels, in several districts. Source: O País

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