Speaking on the sidelines of the workshop on public expenditure, with a focus on forecasting and programming the main expenditure indicators, which took place this Thursday in Maputo, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Domingos Lambo, stated that the reality of our public institutions is one of scarcity. “It is not news to anyone that we are going through times of scarcity of resources. However, at this moment the important thing is that they do not stop working. with the little that exists. However, the institutions are functioning”, he assumed. Asked about the main challenges of the sector, Domingos Lambo pointed out the COVID-19 pandemic as the main brake. “At this moment, the main challenge is the impacts of COVID-19. This is affecting the productive fabrics and, therefore, the institutions are working halfway on gas, which directly affects the part that feeds the State budget”, he says iu Domingos Lambo.The Director of Risk Management at the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), Nazira Faquir, says the event is an opportunity to train 40 technicians from the MEF, Bank of Mozambique, National Institute of Statistics, National Hydrocarbons Company and other institutions relevant to the country’s macroeconomic dynamics. “The Ministry of Economy and Finance has long needed an update in the methodological perspective, to minimize fiscal risks and improve methodologies for the preparation of macroeconomic and fiscal projections,” explained Nazira Faquir. On the occasion, the new version of the Macroeconomic and Fiscal Projections Manual was presented, replacing the previous one, which is more than 10 years old, already considered outdated. At the workshop, topics such as fiscal rules, classification of public expenditure, projections were discussed macroeconomics, among others. Source: O País

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