Mozambique participates in the World Radiocommunications Conference (WRC), which takes place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from 20 November to 15 December. The WRC is one of the most important events in the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) system, and takes place every four years, bringing together government officials, regulators, telecommunications operators, industrialists, academics, among other relevant parties in the Telecommunications and ICT sector. The agenda of expected deliberations includes, among others, the following aspects: definition of the frequency plan and orbital “slots” for all types of technologies; review of the Radiocommunication Regulations and any associated frequency allocation plan; review of the activity plan of the Radiocommunications Regulations Council and the Radiocommunications Department. Mozambique’s participation in the event is of capital importance for the country, as, on the one hand, it will allow the defense of national interests linked to the radio spectrum and satellite orbits, and on the other, it will maximize space to hold meetings bilateral and establishment of partnerships to solve local challenges in the field of development of the Telecommunications and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) sector, states a note from the Ministry of Transport and Communications, received in the “Letter”. In order to allow for more accurate and informed decision-making, Mozambique participated in several WRC-23 preparatory meetings, at regional and continental level, having hosted, between May 29th and June 2nd, the SADC Meeting, which reflects the the country’s commitment to collaborating to build consensus on the conference’s aspects and agenda points. “Different positions prevail in the African region and beyond in relation to matters with direct implications for the economy, the provision of services and the development of the Communications sector. However, as is known, in recognition of the equidistance of States and issues linked to sovereignty, treaties allow their signatories to express reservations about certain decisions depending on the domestic situation, and the WRC represents no exception”, the note reads. The Mozambican delegation to the event is led by the Vice-Minister of Transport and Communications, Amilton Alissone, who is accompanied by several staff from the INCM (National Communications Institute of Mozambique). Among the bilateral meetings to be held, events with the Secretary General of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), with the Director of the Radiocommunications Bureau and the UAE Chargé d’Affaires in Mozambique and Abu-Dhabi-Port. (Letter) Source: Carta de Moçambique

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