The Government of Mozambique believes that the country’s reserves of more than 180 trillion cubic feet of natural gas will contribute to the continent’s and the world’s energy transition, said Economy and Finance Minister Max Tonela. “Mozambique has proven reserves of more than 180 trillion cubic feet of natural gas that can and should be used to contribute to reducing and mitigating the situation in this transition process and will be an important player in the production and export component of natural gas, contributing to the energy transition in Mozambique, but also in the world”, said the official. In a debate on energy transition during the annual meetings of the African Development Bank (AfDB), in Accra, the minister defended that natural gas is an alternative for the climate transition, while renewable energies do not guarantee a secure and constant supply, “for be a fossil source, but relatively clean, and there are also possible processes to remove part of the carbon that the gas has”. Max Tonela recalled that in the last quarter of this year, the Rovuma floating natural gas plant starts operating, which “will mark the beginning of a new era for the country”. “We will stop being a small producer and exporter country and start to play a relevant role in terms of world gas exporters”, said the minister. Tonela added that Mozambique is completing the development of a natural gas master plan that will allow the gas to be used to transform the economy of southern African countries. In addition, taking into account the proportion of the country’s reserves, Mozambique has “pipeline projects for the transformation into liquid and thus facilitate transport to other markets such as Europe, Asia and other countries on the continent” . “It is a resource that has enormous potential for economic transformation, not only through the revenues that will come from exports, but also to contribute to increased economic growth and the diversification of the Mozambican economy,” he said. He also said that the country counts on the support of the ADB in the financing processes, underlining that one of the challenges that Mozambique faces is “to ensure continuity of funding to make the projects that can benefit from the projects” that it has available. The annual meetings of the ADB, the most important event of the institution that has 54 African and 27 non-African Member States, take place from Monday to Friday in Accra, under the theme “Achieving Climate Resilience and a Just Energy Transition”. to Africa”. (Lusa) Source: Carta de Moçambique

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