One more person died and another 267 recovered from COVID-19 infection, according to data released today by the Ministry of Health. The data indicate that the fatal victim is a 56-year-old man of age, whose death was declared yesterday. “With the death reported today, the number of deaths due to COVID-19 in May rose to 22, a reduction of 43.6 percent compared to the first 29 days of April, when the country registered 39 deaths”, refer the health authorities, adding that, since the beginning of the pandemic, 836 people have lost their lives due to the virus. unknown. With these new cases, the total reached 69,499, which corresponds to 98.35 of all infections already registered. In the last 24 hours 27 individuals tested positive for COVID-19. The new patients are 24 Mozambicans and three people of nationality still to be determined. Currently, there is a cumulative of 70,724 positive cases registered, of which 70,408 were locally transmitted and 316 imported. During the period in question, there was no record of hospitalization, however, a person was hospitalized, adding up to 12 bedridden patients due to the Coronavirus.The country has 385 active cases of COVID-19. Source: O País

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