The country has not registered any deaths from COVID-19 in the last 24 hours. However, the Ministry of Health (MISAU) has notified 40 new infected individuals and another 31 recovered from Coronavirus. Of the new cases reported today, 39 are Mozambican individuals and one is of nationality yet to be identified. Of these, 25 are male (62.5 percent) and 15 are female (37.5 percent). All new cases result from local transmission. Maputo city registered the highest number of infected with 16 cases, corresponding to 40 percent of the total new cases reported today across the country, followed by Nampula province with eight cases, equivalent to 20percent. The health authorities also informed that two individuals are hospitalized and there were no hospital discharges. Thus, the country has 18 inpatients in the COVID-19 Inpatient Centers and in other Hospital Units. About those recovered, the MISAU said that they are all national citizens, with a total of 69,740.Mozambique has 71,279 registered positive cases, of which 70,910 are of local transmission and 369 are imported. The total number of deaths by Coronavirus in the country remains at 840 and there are currently 695 active cases of the virus.Source:O País

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