“I cannot say for sure, it depends on the evolution [of the security situation in the region], but there is a positive signal from the concessionaires and an expectation taking into account what is actually happening and there are frequent visits by the operator”, said Max Tonela to Lusa, when asked if the Total megaproject, suspended a year ago due to the attacks in Cabo Delgado, will be resumed this year. Speaking to Lusa on the sidelines of the annual meetings of the African Development Bank (ADB), in Accra, the minister also said that the first export of the project for the liquefied natural gas production plant at sea, in the Rovuma basin, is planned. for the beginning of October.”The platform is already in Mozambican waters. It is in the process of installation and connection to the six wells. We expect production to start gradually (…) and that the first export operation will take place in in beginning of October this year”, when the platform will already be operating at its full capacity, he explained.According to Tonela, this advance “will already contribute to the increase in revenues, especially from exports”. process interrupted by the terrorist action, the minister said that “there is work going on with the concessionaires, the Government maintains permanent contact”.”We are jointly evaluating the progress of the stabilization process, therefore, the improvement of the conditions of safety. There is a positive reading on the part of the partners”, he said, adding that the Government is trying to “create conditions so that, in a safe way, both the populations and the projects can proceed as soon as possible”.”The decision will be taken depending on the developments that will occur in these matters in the coming months”, he stressed. international aid in March, the minister explained that the Government has been working towards mobilizing resources to ensure that the mission is successfully implemented, insofar as the capacity of the Mozambican forces to act is adapted to the reality of the fight against terrorism.The Rovuma project, led by Total, was the largest private investment in Africa until it was suspended in March due to the armed attacks in Cabo Delgado.The province of Cabo Delgado is rich and m natural gas, but terrorized since 2017 by armed rebels, with some attacks claimed by the Islamic State extremist group.

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