variant No case of the new variant of COVID-19, Omicron has yet been detected in the national territory. The guarantee was given in a press release by the Ministry of Health (MISAU). This is a variant whose scientific evidence regarding its functional characteristics, as well as knowledge about its association with severe forms of the disease, remains unknown. according to the MISAU. “Our country is already strengthening COVID-19 prevention and control measures, namely: health surveillance, especially at border posts; testing of suspected cases; continuity of the vaccination process and surveillance genomics”, explains Saúde. In this regard, health authorities speak of the need to redouble prevention measures against the new strain, with emphasis on frequent hand washing with soap and water or disinfection of these using alcohol, the observation of physical distance, correct use of mask and observation of quarantine and isolation as recommended. In addition, the institution equally appeals to all citizens and to go to the nearest vaccination post to start or complete their immunization. COUNTRY WITHOUT DEATHS BY COVID-19 FOR THE FOURTH CONSECUTIVE DAY For the fourth consecutive day, there is no occurrence of deaths in patients infected by the new Coronavirus in Mozambique, maintaining the total at 1,940. However, four people, all of Mozambican nationality, tested positive for the virus in last 24 hours. The cases were diagnosed in the provinces of Nampula and Maputo and in the city with the same name. The ages of the four infected vary from 17 to 46 years. There are three women and one man, according to the Ministry of HealthTo date, 151,524 have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the country. Of these, 95 are still infected. “In the last 24 hours, Mozambique has not registered any hospital discharge and no new admissions”, announced the MISAU, which counts two patients hospitalized due to the virus across the country. There is also no record of individuals recovered from the virus. Thus, the cumulative continues to be 149,485. Source:O País

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