The Embassy of Mozambique in South Africa reiterates that the issue of undocumented Mozambican immigrants remains on the list of priorities on the agenda of the governments of both countries. The issue of undocumented Mozambicans has been raised again, over the weekend, in a meeting between the Mozambican diplomatic representation, in the land of the rand, and the Mozambicans based in Soshanguve, on the outskirts of Pretoria. The counselor at the Embassy of Mozambique, in Pretoria, Helena Gune, recognizes that the matter is not is easy to resolve, but guarantees that it is being addressed at the level of both governments. He recalled that to minimize the problem, the Government launched, at the end of last year, the campaign to register Mozambicans in South Africa. While the solution is not arrives, Helena Gune urges Mozambicans to adhere to the mapping and consular registration processes. However, she warns of the existence of people in bad faith, who make illicit charges in the consular registration process, which is free. Diplomats from Mozambique, in South Africa, are already working to raise awareness among communities about the voter registration process, which begins on March 30th. Source:O País

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