Songo Sports Union, currently fifth with 12 points, will go to Lichinga motivated by a home win against Costa do Sol (1-0). And the Ferroviário de Lichinga receives the Songo team, after losing to their fellow from Maputo by (0-1). The Lichinga team currently occupies the eighth position and accumulates nine points. On Saturday, Costa do Sol receives Desportivo Maputo. And on Sunday, the race continues with the clashes between the Incomáti de Xinavane and Matchedje de Mocuba, the Ferroviário da Beira measures forces with its counterpart in Maputo in the field of chiveve, while Textáfrica receives the Ferroviário de Nacala in its stronghold, while the leader Associação Black Bulls battles with the Liga Desportiva de Maputo. And the Aflito Ferroviário de Nampula faces the Associação Desportiva do Vilankulo. Check the Classification Table 1 – Black Bulls – 19 points2 – Railroad of Beira – 183- Railroad of Maputo – 154- AD Vilankulo – 135 – UD of Songo – 126 – Liga Desportiva – 107 – Incomáti de Xinavane – 108- Railroad of Lichinga – 99- Nacala Railway – 810- Costa do Sol- 711 – Sports in Maputo – 712 – Textáfrica de Chimoio – 413 – Nampula Railway – 314 – Matchedje de Mocuba – 2

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