The district administrator of Tete, in central Mozambique, died during tropical storm Ana, after being swept away by the waters of the Revuboé River on Tuesday, the Minister of Agriculture announced yesterday . “Unfortunately, the administrator’s body was found. It is bad news for the city and province of Tete and for the country,” said Celso Korea today, speaking to journalists. The administrator, José Mandere, was part of a delegation of the governor of Tete province that was assessing the situation in the areas affected by the storm on Tuesday, when the vehicle in which he was staying was dragged by the current. José Mandere was found dead this morning, the authorities said. The agriculture minister said that the situation in Tete is now “stable and under control”, referring, however, that it is still premature to “have a real photograph” of the storm’s impact on that province. Floods caused by Tropical Storm Ana have already claimed at least 10 lives in Mozambique, according to the latest information from local authorities and the National Institute for Disaster Management (INGD). According to INGD, the bad weather affected 20,671 people, caused 54 injuries and partially and totally destroyed 3,895 homes, six hospital units, 77 classrooms, affecting 2,266 students. Mozambique faces the seasonal cyclonic season and Tropical Storm Ana – which, however, lost strength and turned into a depression – was the first to hit the country. (Lusa) Source: Carta de Moçambique

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