Mozambican activist had been detained, on Saturday, for alleged incitement to violence. He was released upon proof of identity and residence, said a representative of the Network of Human Rights Defenders in Nampula. “He is in good health, although he complains of not having eaten for almost three days”, Gamito Carlos, from the Network, explained to Lusa of Human Rights Defenders, moments after the activist’s release in the city of Nampula, Northern Mozambique. Joaquim Pachoneia, from the Mentes Resilientes Association, was arrested on Saturday, accused of allegedly inciting violence and insulting the Mozambican President, Filipe Nyusi, and to the police in the city of Nampula.”The process will continue to follow its legal procedures. He was released upon proof of identity and residence”, stressed Gamito Carlos. ACCUSATIONThe Mozambican police accuse the activist of inciting people to attack and, with based on superstitious methods, they cursed the recently sworn-in members of the municipal assemblies following the October 11 elections, an election strongly contested by the opposition and civil society.” In addition to agitating young people to commit violence, he hurled insults of various kinds against the figure of the head of state and the PRM leaders. In one of the videos, he went so far as to call PRM members “breed dogs who don’t think and who only act in compliance with their owner’s orders”, declared the police spokesman in Nampula, Dércio Samuel, during a press conference at Domingo.Pachoneia, 36 years old, is an activist locally known for his critical approach to authorities, and, according to the association he belongs to, he has already complained of threats due to his comments on social media.Source:O País

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