Around 9.4 million citizens had malaria in the first nine months of this year (2022), against 7.8 million cases reported in the same period last year. The data were shared this Wednesday, in Maputo province, by the Minister of Health, Armindo Tiago, during the tenth National Malaria Control Meeting. The Minister of Health indicated that the registration of 9.4 million cases, in the first nine months of this year and 7.8 million in 2021, represents a 20 percent increase in cases, which makes the situation quite worrying. On the occasion, Tiago stressed that the increase in cases may be associated with two situations, first, the increase in diagnostic capacity and, second, the worsening of environmental conditions that favor the multiplication of mosquitoes. “We must recognize that the road to travel towards the elimination of malaria is a long one, which is why the Government maintains the fight against malaria to reduce cases of the disease, as well as mortality and the economic impact of this disease”, he said. Meanwhile, the health sector is on the alert for a possible increase in cases of malaria due to the rainy season and is launching an appeal for the reinforcement of prevention measures. (Marta Afonso) Source: Carta de Moçambique

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