The civil society organization “Saber Nascer”, an organization that deals with obstetric humanization initiatives, says that more than 20 cases of obstetric violence were reported in the last quarter in the city and province of Maputo, where only two cases (reported at the Provincial Hospital in Maputo and at the Maternity Hospital in Ndlavela) went to court. The data were shared this Wednesday by the organization, in Maputo, at the launch of the national campaign to prevent and combat obstetric violence, called “Humaniza Moz”. According to the organization, of the registered cases, seven culminated in the opening of administrative proceedings, while the rest ended up being archived due to users’ withdrawal, due to procedural delays. Against this backdrop, more than 10 civil society organizations, which advocate the promotion and protection of the human rights of women and girls, launched the “Humaniza Moz” campaign to end the obstetric violence that has been reducing the number of institutional births, as reported by Eugénia Tsawo, representative of the Health Directorate of Maputo City. It should be noted that the “Humaniza Moz” campaign also aims to promote obstetric humanization in Mozambique, promoting respect and valuing the rights of users of obstetric services, combating gender-based violence and promoting justice and social protection. (Marta Afonso) Source: Carta de Moçambique

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