With an investment from the Global Health Fund of 789.3 million dollars, the country is determined to confront malaria, HIV, tuberculosis and strengthen its health systems, says MISAUAccording to the report presented by MISAU, the majority of the funding, around 190.3 million dollars, will be directed to the fight against malaria, with a focus on case management. MISAU also intends to reduce the incidence of the disease, from 392 cases per 1,000 in 2022 to 294 cases per 1,000 by 2026. “The goal is to reduce hospital mortality from malaria from 1.4 per 100 thousand in 2021 to 0.77 per 100 thousand by 2026. In addition to malaria, HIV/Sida and tuberculosis, part of the money will be allocated to strengthening health systems in Mozambique. This includes investments in laboratories, the medication logistics chain, human resources for health and the operationalization of community strategies of health” said MISAU

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