Manuel de Araujo, the mayor of Quelimane, the Mozambican city of bicycles, suffered a spectacular fall from his bicycle this morning, while walking through the city accompanied by ambassadors of the United States of America, Peter H. Vrooman, and from Indonesia, Harbangan Napitupulu. The incident happened just before 11 am today. Araujo and his diplomatic guests were walking along a street between Brandão and a local secondary school, in the Airport area. Behind them followed about 300 cyclists. Edil’s fall took place after he felt a touch on his back. It was all sudden, he told the “Letter”. The fall resulted in a leg injury. The doctor who saw you at a local clinic is still analyzing the results of the X-ray taken to accurately determine the extent of the injury. “I have a cast and a splint on one leg, from the foot to the knee”, said Araujo, speaking with great emotion and the feeling that the fall could only be the work of the “usual suspects”. His team is still analyzing the footage of the moments immediately before the fall, to determine who was the author of the push. After that, legal procedures will follow. The event took place the day before the celebration of another anniversary of the elevation of Quelimane to the category of city, which has the bicycle as the most important means of transport for its people, having even become one of the main symbols in its iconography. (M.M.) Source: Carta de Moçambique

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