Mozambican swimmers Caio Lobo and Matthew Lawrence set new national records for the 100 meters breaststroke and Mariposas, for juniors, at the African Swimming Championships for Seniors, Juniors and Open Waters taking place in Accra , in Ghana. Swimmer Caio Lobo, aged 16, set the national record in the 100 meters breaststroke in juniors, in the 14th edition of the Cana-2021 tests, in Ghana, by setting a new maximum of one minute, seven seconds and sixty-nine hundredths (1:07:69). Swimmer Matthew Lawrence, 18 years old, broke another record for juniors, but in the 100m Mariposa category, also in the race that takes place in Accra, Ghana.Matthew beat his previous record of 00:56:88, with a time of 00:56:74, a position that earned him the 6th place in the general classification. The national swimming team debuted this Monday (11.10), in the 14th edition of the African Juniors/Seniors and CAN Open Water Championship 2021, a competition taking place in Accra, Ghana, which will last until the 17th of this month. No Mozambican swimmer has yet reached the first position in this competition. Source:O País

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