Mozambican referee, Marques Abdala, was sworn in as president of the newly created Association of Basketball Referees of the City of Maputo. The young referee assumes leadership of the association with the mission of energizing the class, as well as defending the interests of the whistleblowers. Marquinhos, as he is also known in sports, argues that basketball should be strengthened at the level of the city of Maputo, focusing on qualified refereeing. This fact from his point of view could elevate the sport in the country’s capital. “It is an honor and a great responsibility to be the first president of this newly created Maputo Age Basketball Association”, said the leader, highlighting that he will focus his attention on defending the interests of the class and fighting to improve conditions.Marquinhos also understands that, since the association is new, it will have the tough mission of introducing new dynamics, with a view to promoting the growth of the association.”We will fight so that the Association of Basketball Referees is recognized at national and international level”, he explains. He also understands that, for this to happen, it is necessary for the association to be organized at several levels and, above all, to be comprehensive. Marques Abdla was the only candidate in the elections that took place at the beginning of this month and will manage the association for the next four years. Source:O País

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