The city of Maputo hosted, this Sunday, the launch of the project called “Domingo Cultural”. The project aims to promote old school music, in an initiative of the Association of Mozambican Musicians. At the debut of the initiative, musician António Marcos took the stage and performed several songs that marked his artistic career. Di Manhiça, musical composer and member of the production team of the Domingo Cultural project, said that with the initiative, many artists from Velha Guarda will have space to exhibit their performance in the space of the Association of Mozambican Musicians.Dí Manhiça also said that one of the purposes is to highlight and honor the artists, in order to preserve the rich musical history of Mozambique.Manhiça said that after the performance, this Domingo, by António Marcos, other artists are lined up, namely Pureza Wafino, for the 18th of this month and, for the 25th, the brothers Will and Aníbal and, as a guest, the singer Kandinha. (RM)Source:Rádio Moçambique Online

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