The Mambas knocked Lesotho 5-0 this afternoon. The game held at the National Stadium in Zimpeto (ENZ) was related to the triangular tournament which, in addition to Mozambique and Lesotho, has the participation of Eswatini. On the Zimpeto pitch, the Mambas gained inspiration and a pretext to mistreat the Sothos. Even without the green of hope on the grass, the hope of good afternoon and good football reigned in the ENZ and soon began. The Mambas needed only 45 seconds, in the Horácio Gonçalves era, to start the slaughter.Melque receives a breakthrough pass from the midfield and, in the mouth of the goal, with a shot placed than properly in force, beats the goalkeeper.Com the attack delivered to the services of Melque and Estevão, the two players played “girl” at the defenseless defense of the sothos. On minute 18, the boy from the province of Zambézia climbed the ground on the right, ravaged the left flank, took the load and the entrance of the area is blocked using the fault. Great penalty. On the kick, captain Bruno went with great effort, putting the ball in the upper angle of Ramelafane’s goal, who even managed to touch the ball, but the shot was indefensible. By the way, the reaction of the sothos would happen after 24 minutes. Candinho loses the ball in midfield and, in quick transition, the ball reaches Sekoa’s feet, who shoots hard, but Hernani was giant at the posts. Zimpeto’s field was leaning towards the wholesale market. The grass, although not greenish, stirred the will and desire of Horácio Gonçalves’ pupils. Lesotho continued to waver and it wasn’t long before Mozambique reached 3-0. Taking a corner from the left, the defense is watching Zimpeto, Estevão, who knows ENZ who é, capitalized on the situation and scored 3-0. The Mambas, who came from a long fast, hungry as they were, took their stomachs out of misery . With 3-0, he went to half-time. On the way back, the Mambas continued to bite. The poison has been reactivated by the changes made. All they had to do was swallow them until they got fed up, and that happened twice. Horácio Gonçalves immediately launched Fidel and Maestro to replace Ciganinho and Candinho. By the way, this was the beginning, because, some time later, he launched the young man from Ferroviário de Nampula, Salas. And it was a sure bet in the lottery. At 74 minutes, the boy shook the nets. Estevão razed the left flank almost to the end of the line, then did what the rules dictate, a late cross to the penalty area. The newcomer, simply with the right foot, “signed” the fourth. Estevão was a devil on the loose for the sothos who, once again, proved their evil once again. In the 83rd minute, he performed acrobatics in the “beards” of Ramalefane when he received a cross from the right. Checkmate. 5-0, there wasn’t even more at Zimpeto. Mozambique returns to play on Tuesday against Eswatini.Source:O País

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