“During the investigations, the health status (of the suspect) deteriorated. Admitted to Gabriel Touré hospital and later to Point G hospital, unfortunately died”, according to one a statement from the Malian government, broadcast on public television ORTM.”An autopsy was requested immediately to determine the causes of death” he added. The attacker, whose identity was not disclosed, tried on Tuesday to stab Colonel Goita during the Muslim prayer of Eid al-Adha in the great mosque of Bamako. Assimi Goita was immediately protected by the bodyguards, who overpowered the aggressor. Mali’s strongman was unharmed from the attack. The attacker was detained and an inquiry was opened for “attempted murder and attack on state security” the authorities indicated.”The government recalls that the death (of the suspect) ) does not prevent the continuation of the investigation already underway (…) since the first evidence gathered indicates that it is not an isolated element”, added the authorities, who until now had not privileged any hypothesis. Goita, author of two coups d’etat in less than a year in Mali, currently holds the country’s presidency for a transitional period of 18 months, ending in February, following an agreement reached between the Malian coup leaders and the Community of West African States (ECOWAS)

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