The Mozambican Football League ordered the National Football Referee Commission (CNAF) to open an investigation to assess the possible degree of culpability in the decisions of the referee teams in the Textáfrica vs Black Bulls games, and Baía de Pemba vs Ferroviário de Nampula, which ended in skirmishes. The LMF promises to present the results of the survey within a week. Moçambola’s tenth round was marked by acts of violence in two games. The match between Textáfrica de Chimoio and Black Bulls, in which the “bulls” won by two balls to one, had moments of tension. Fans of the “factories” of Planalto carried out acts of violence, due to alleged poor performance by the refereeing team , which culminated in serious and minor injuries to several participants. The refereeing was also challenged in the match between Baía de Pemba and Ferroviário de Nacala, in which the men with the whistle were even stoned at the end. The Mozambican Football League met and decided to take severe measures against the offenders. According to Arlindo Mapande, vice-president of the Mozambican Football League for High Competition, the body that manages Moçambola already has reports from its delegates from the two games, which will help the Inquiry Committee to reach conclusions. , as the Mozambican Football League, we are doing our job, as is the CNAF. The most important thing is that we already have reports from the two camps, namely, in Pemba and Chimoio, and this will help the Commission of Inquiry to resolve everything. the process”, said Mapande. Regarding the aforementioned commission of inquiry, Mapande said that it has already been created, at the meeting that took place on Monday night, and “we believe, that within a week, it will give all the answers we expect about these cases.” The Mozambican Football League also says that measures will be taken so that skirmishes do not happen again on football fields. “We will produce a final report and, in that report, all the decisions to be taken will be included. so that similar situations do not happen again on the fields, but we want to believe that we will close these two matters as quickly as possible”, concluded Arlindo Mapande. Through a statement, the Mozambican Football League condemned the acts and took some decisions. One of them is “To order the delegates of the games in question to present a detailed report of the events and possible causes, for subsequent decisions based on the LMF and FMF regulations” and another is “To request the CNAF to open an investigation to assess a possible degree of culpability in the decisions of the refereeing teams in the two games which may, therefore, have triggered negative reactions from spectators in both camps”. The LMF also calls on the PRM to use other means of deterrence and not force, in order to prevent the occurrence of human and property damage that is difficult to repair. Source:O País

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