Six cases of land dispute were submitted to the Committee on Petitions and Complaints of the Assembly of the Republic. This Thursday, the matter was presented to the minister of Land and Environment by parliamentarians, in order to find solutions. With seven days to go before the start of the IV Session of the Assembly of the Republic, the parliamentary commissions unfolded in consultation on specific matters. This Thursday, called to Parliament by the Committee on Petitions, Complaints and Complaints, the Minister of Land and Environment, Ivete Maibasse, was confronted with cases of complaints about land disputes, coming from the provinces of Gaza, Maputo, Zambézia and Sofala “We have six petitions. A complaint that comes from Sofala province is a case that dates back to last year and involves local communities and an investor,” explained Baibasse, adding that the Ministry of Land is an entity that oversees the issues of land, and since the land is the property of the State, a middle way must be found to overcome this issue. Still at a hearing on Thursday, the ministers of Education and Human Development and of Culture and Tourism asked the Committee on Relations International, Cooperation and Communities the ratification of the Marrakesh Treaty, which aims to facilitate access to works published in Braille for people with disabilities in the country. Marrakesh, because it will bring added value to the Education sector”, began by explaining Carmelita Namashulua. Further on, the government official said that this instrument will allow equal rights to all children, whether in terms of teaching and learning or in terms of access to materials. According to Namashulua, some works, such as 1st to 3rd grade books, are already transcribed in braille. For the parliamentarians, the Ministry of Education and Human Development complied with the recommendations required for the ratification of the Marrakesh Treaty. the proposed law that approves copyright and related rights. “As you know, 20 years have passed since this law has not been revised and we bring some innovations that range from sanctions to those who usurp copyright and counterfeit rights”, explained Etelvina Materula, Minister of Culture and Tourism. The IV session of the Assembly of the Republic starts on the 20th of October and ends on the 17th of December.

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