The province of Inhambane, in the south of the country, produced about two million tons of diverse food products in the last agricultural season, 2020/2021. Even without comparative data to the previous campaign, the provincial secretary of state, Ludmila Magune, guaranteed that there would be stock to feed the 1.4 million people, who constitute the province’s population, until the 2021/22 agricultural harvest that is approaching. “About two million different products were reached in the agricultural campaign 2020/2021, which allows us to state that the pillar of food availability is guaranteed until the beginning of the agrarian campaign 2021/2022”, stated Magune. The Secretary of State was speaking at an event led a few days ago by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Celso Correia, in the district of Panda, southwest of Inhambane, as part of the preparation of the next agricultural harvest of Sustenta. Assessing the district production, the Administrator of Panda, Mércia Cossa, reported that in the last campaign eight thousand farmers from the family sector and six from the private sector were involved in agricultural production. With these producers, “the district recorded a production of 63.6 thousand tons of food crops out of the 64.9 thousand tons planned, which represents an achievement of 98 percent of execution”, reported Cossa. With the preparation of the next agrarian campaign, which consists of training human resources, hiring new extension workers, as well as making production equipment available, the Panda Administrator said she expects that in the 2021/2022 harvest, production will increase to 70 thousand tons of agricultural products , in an area of ​​22 thousand hectares, involving 8,035 families and seven private sector producers. “Despite the positive references in agricultural production, we still have some challenges such as installing the irrigation system, installing a processing unit for agricultural surpluses, especially cashew nuts, increasing the coverage of technical assistance to producers, improving roads of access to allow the flow of agricultural products”, emphasized the Administrator of Panda. The district has as its flagship agricultural and livestock products, cattle and cashew nuts. (Evaristo Chilingue) Source: Carta de Moçambique

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