The announcement was made by the Inspector-General of the National Inspectorate of Economic Activities, Rita Freitas, within the scope of her institution’s activity plan with a view to defining strategies to combat corruption, to improve the quality of services provided at national level. Rita Freitas was speaking at the institution’s performance assessment meeting, a meeting that was attended by the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Silvino Moreno. The topic under debate arises from the acts of corruption that have been perpetrated by some INAE inspectors and by people who pretend to be inspectors in an attempt to corrupt economic agents. During the meeting, Freitas advanced that there is a need for a lot of training at INAE, including the definition of strategies and work methodologies that avoid corruption. In this regard, she indicated that every economic agent must be persuaded to comply with the legislation in force in Mozambique, with emphasis on sectoral legislation. “Often, it is the economic agent himself who does not have his situation regularized, and has not complied with the law, and then he ends up corrupting the INAE teams, but that does not mean that we do not have Inspectors who make the economic agent pass some value to cancel a fine or for things to be in order”, he explained. Asked about the current situation of Inspector Veronio Duvane, one of INAE’s senior officials recently found in acts of corruption, Freitas said: “I have no information about his situation and only the court can give the outcome, at the moment he is not working “. Regarding the price speculation that has taken place in recent days, Freitas assured that INAE, in coordination with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, is working to design strategies to minimize the situation, which is why Minister Silvino Moreno has scheduled meetings with INAE delegates to discuss the rise in fuel prices that ends up affecting other sectors of economic activity. (Marta Afonso) Source: Carta de Moçambique

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